The AACC Disruptive Technology Award semi-finalists and their technologies:

logo Bacteromic

Bacteromic provides broadband automated antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Proprietary microfluidic technology provides 640 independent culturing zones on each disposable cartridge to offer revolutionary information density of the analysis of each sample—providing quantitative minimum inhibitory concentration values for all clinically viable antibiotics, or up to 20 checkerboard combinations of antibiotics from a single test. The Bacteromic analyzer simultaneously evaluates up to 60 cartridges in parallel, targeting mid-sized and large CLIA moderately complex laboratories. The system is designed to offer actionable information for precision antibiotic therapies against the growing epidemiology of antibiotic resistant infections.


COMBiNATi will democratize digital polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for both research and clinical settings with the only platform technology combining ease of use, fast time-to-result, low waste of precious samples, and highly multiplexed quantification within a single sample to achieve economies of scale. The Absolute |Q| platform will be readily compatible with existing off-the-shelf PCR kits as well as custom-designed high-multiplexing digital PCR assays.

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The PCR|ONE system is a fully automated, multiplexed polymerase chain reaction (PCR) system for sample preparation, amplification, and detection of DNA in 15 minutes—a true “sample-in-answer-out” technology for rapid point-of-care diagnosis of infections. The PCR|ONE system provides rapid and comprehensive identification of infection type and subtype at the point of care. The product consists of the PCR|ONE analyzer and disposable PCR|ONE cartridges. The system’s complexity is comparable to that of a CLIA-waived test, requiring minimum manual labor. PCR|ONE enables comprehensive molecular diagnosis in the admission ward for the first time, reducing the risk of infections, and saving costs and time associated with pathogen isolation.

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Mass spectrometry (MS) is an enabling technology for proteomics-based biomarker discovery, but translation into clinical diagnostics requires adaptation to immunoassays. Newomics has developed a novel, sensitive, robust, and fast MS assay to quantify intact proteins directly from human plasma without immunoprecipitation or digestion. The top-down parallel reaction monitoring-MS (PRM-MS) assay has a sensitivity (0.1−1.0 fmole) and speed (1−5 min) on par with ELISA. The assay was developed on our silicon microfluidic chip that achieves nanospray sensitivity from multinozzle emitters and achieves speed and robustness from on-chip microflow liquid chromatography. PRM-MS enables a unified MS solution for discovery and clinical diagnosis.