Data Analytics Pathway


193014 Pathology and Clinical Laboratory Informatics Boot Camp

Informatics is best described as delivering the right information to the right person, at the right place and time, and in the right way. Unfortunately, most laboratory professionals haven’t had formal training in informatics, even though they utilize its tools everyday. This session serves as an Informatics boot camp, providing participants the basics needed to understand and navigate this rapidly evolving field. Topics include: LIS, EHR, and middleware; Information system selection and life cycle; IT data governance; cybersecurity and information assurance; Data extraction and analytics; and artificial intelligence and machine learning. Learn more.

193017 Getting Started with R for Laboratory Medicine

This hands-on course will teach the basics of interaction with the R statistical programming language through the RStudio interface with a goal of providing attendees the ability to perform the core statistical analyses and data visualization required for laboratory medicine clinical practice. Attendees will use R and RStudio on their personal laptops to participate in this interactive session. Learn more.


32107 Data Science and AI in Laboratory Medicine: What You Should Know Now and Will Need to Know in the Future

As laboratorians, we report countless patient results. These data, in aggregate, can be leveraged to achieve operational and clinical goals. Much attention has been focused on the incorporation of machine learning and artificial intelligence into health care. But, beyond analytics, realizing data-driven clinical goals requires clinical expertise and forward-looking data collection, storage, and access. This session will review the application of AI in laboratory medicine, drawing from the scientific literature and speakers’ experiences. We will also illustrate the data science process, applied to clinical data, comparing it to laboratory medicine practice and highlight the critical roles for laboratorians. Learn more.


33220 Learning from Predictions: What We Need to Know about Machine Learning

This session will provide a general overview of machine learning in laboratory medicine, focusing initially on key concepts, advantages, and opportunities. The second segment will explore the potential of ML to optimize the value of laboratory data in patient care. The last segment will address strategies for validating ML systems and monitoring their performance over time. Learn more.

33227 Storytelling with R: Application Showcase

This session will demonstrate the versatility and power of the R statistical programming language in application to clinical laboratory medicine by showcasing tools that have been built and implemented by the speakers. Applications will focus on utilizing R for data reporting and visualization. Learn more.

43102 or 53202 Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Laboratory Medicine: Perspectives and Challenges

This session will discuss potential applications in artificial intelligence and data science to laboratory medicine. The challenges related to regulations as well as ethical concerns will be debated. Learn more.


44124 or 54224 Predictive Analytics in the Clinical Laboratory

This session will focus on how clinical laboratories with advanced data collection and monitoring capabilities can leverage machine learning (including deep neural networks) to improve their laboratory operations (e.g., demand forecasting, turnaround time estimates, quality control metrics, and improved business metrics), as well as provide clinical and hospital operations support. The session will be focused on current and future use-cases, requirements and implementation strategies. Learn more.