Finding Solutions for Sample Preparation at Point of Care

Tuesday, August 6, 6 – 7:30 p.m.
Hilton Anaheim, Oceanside Room
Supported by Sagentia Inc.


As molecular diagnostics move to point of care (POC), lab-based processes are being adapted. One area that is sometimes neglected is sample preparation. This presentation assesses current lab techniques and their suitability to POC; the range of cartridges currently available; techniques that could be used such as electrowetting and ultrasonics; and reviews the scientific literature, suggesting emerging techniques.


After attending this session, participants will have an appreciation of POC solutions on the market, the challenges that remain to be addressed, and promising technologies to keep an eye on.


Cordell Brown
Business Development Manager
Sagentia, California, USA


Dr. Nick Collier
Chief Technology Officer
Cambridge, UK